Ashley Walk Map Updated

Revised updated map of the Range now online. Now shows perimeter fencing and some revised locations. Still more to add yet – There is a dummy Airfield to the NW of the range, plus some further locations of artefacts (camera trenches, remains of cottages etc)

The Armaments Research Department, Millersford site (on the north side of the Roger Penny Way) will be dealt with in its own section, even though it was connected with the Range.


Bournemouth Air Festival 2013

Brilliant week, but gutted the Vulcan went tech on Sunday – Unbelievable bad luck after all the effort it took to get her here. She’s been 100% serviceable all year up until Sunday thanks to the awesome ground crew.

Also have to say top marks for the Royal Navy for a spectacular departure on the Sunday. It was a shame a lot of people had left by then and missed it.